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Accounts and Audit

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Accounts & Audit

Upton Ryan is a firm of registered auditors, authorised to carry out audit work by Chartered Accountants Ireland.

There are increased risks associated with the auditing process in the challenging economic environment we find ourselves in. Auditing has expanded to areas such as non-financial information about an entity’s systems, business risks, performance measurement and reporting. The constantly evolving financial and regulatory environment requires auditing professionals to be adaptable to accommodate new and expanding challenges.

Our audit function is a core service and we are committed to delivering a reliable, independent and quality audit service. We deliver quality assurance services in an independent, thorough and efficient manner to all our clients.

Services such as audit, financial reporting and risk management advice, give your business the stability you need to manage effectively and achieve your objectives.

Upton Ryan also provides audit reports in a wide variety of circumstances which include:

  • Professionals such as solicitors who are obliged to produce Reporting Accountants’ Reports under the Solicitors’ Accounts Regulations and Financial Services entities who must report to the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority.
  • Clients who need financial statements audited to support grant claims.

Accurate Financial Statements are vital to your business and whether in conjunction with the requirement of an Audit or otherwise, we will prepare your Statutory Accounts to the highest professional accounting standards and in compliance with Company Law.

At Upton Ryan, before we undertake any new assignment we put together a detailed proposal. These proposals are based on the work that is required and an estimation of the fees to be charged.

Each assignment is assessed by a partner and staffed appropriately with competent personnel.

At all times, we maintain a high level of continuity through communication with our client and we ensure that our client has ready access to the audit partner when an issue needs to be dealt with.

Through regular contact with our clients, we aim to build strong working relationships, bring fresh perspectives

Our audit approach is as follows:

  • Risk-based, which allows us to get to the core of the issues affecting your business and financial statements
  • Partner-led
  • Compliant with International Standards on Auditing
  • Strong technical support and expertise
  • Professionally delivered

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